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CRH Materials Polska companies

CRH Materials Polska Group consists of several Polish companies which are specialists of their areas of activities. They implement not only “easy” investments with use of standard products, but quite often projects requiring special approach, design of new recipes or deliveries to non-typical locations.


Bosta- Beton Ltd is a ready-mixed concrete producer since 1990. Bosta-Beton Sp. z o.o. operates 22 production plants in 16 cities & towns of Poland and a number of mobile batching plants. The company has the largest production and transportation potential in the marketplace. Bosta-Beton Sp. z o.o. produces ready-mixed concrete for general construction, transport and communal infrastructure. The company supplies the largest road-bridge jobs within Poland.

Cement Ozarow

Cement Ożarów S.A. has been operating in the building materials market since 1978 offering wide portfolio of high quality cements. In 1995, the Company joined CRH plc group with seat in Ireland, one of the top world producers of building materials. Cement Ożarów operates two cement plants in: Karsy near Ożarów and Cement Plant Rejowiec in Rejowiec Fabryczny. They produce cement branded Cement Ożarów and cement mortars branded Reymix. Cement Ożarów produces cement using the most modern technologies, taking care of environment protection by implementing the sustainable development idea. One of the strategic tasks in reduction of CO2 emissions supported with usage of alternative fuels.

Central Lab

CRH Lab Ltd. provides substantive support and is a research base for all CRH Units. Constant improvement of the work organisation as well as maintaining high level of the quality of work CRH Lab Ltd. assures continuous improvement of the products and production processes in CRH Group. Building and maintaining a reliable, professional and customer-friendly Laboratory leads to steadily increasing trust and Customers satisfaction from the level and range of the services provided.


Drogomex Sp. z o. o. has been carrying out projects all over Poland for more than 15 years.
As an asphalt road contractor the company is responsible for building road network and airport runways. The work force with a wide range of specialists, a well-endowed machine park and mineral-asphalt mix plants owned by Masfalt Sp. zo.o. allows us to create a comprehensive offer for projects, thanks to that the works are performed on time, with a good quality and at competitive prices.


Halfen Germany operates two companies in Poland: production company „Halfen Produkcja” and trading company “Halfen Sp. z o.o.” servicing the markets of Poland and of all ex-USSR Republics except Russia. The company provides technical solutions for concrete reinforcement, facades and framing systems for application in all construction sub-sectors. The Company is progressing well in the sectors of mechanical engineering, vehicle manufacturing, shipyard industry and excavation projects. Halfen portfolio offers few thousands of products made of mainly stainless steel, black or black galvanized.


Masfalt Sp. z o. o. is a mineral-asphalt mix producer who has its own technological and production resources in the field of carrying out road works contracts of the highest standard.
The company has actively been involved in expanding national road infrastructure delivering the highest quality asphalt mixer for more than 15 years. Enormous knowledge and experience have made us one of Poland's top manufacturers of mineral-asphalt mix. Masfalt is one of the few to function as a shop, providing road  building contractors and road managers with a product of the highest quality. It also has a network of modern production plants around the country, which can meet the requirements of even the largest projects.


For over 25 years Polbruk S.A. has been supplying materials for the arrangement of beautiful and durable ground surfaces. It is the largest manufacturer of paving stones and road products present on the Polish market. Thanks to the extensive distribution network, the company's products are widely recognized and readily available throughout the country thanks to extensive distribution network. The broad array of available collections and their diverse design features correspond to the current stylistic trends and provide unlimited implementation possibilities. The company’s mission is to supply the market with the highest quality products that genuinely contribute to the transformation of our spaces for the better.


The company launched lime-quarrying operations in Sitkówka near Kielce in 1910. Trzuskawica S.A. also owns production plant in Kujawy and basalt quarry in Targowica. Product portfolio includes hydrated lime, ground burnt lime, lump burnt lime, limestone flours, fertilizers, chalk, lime dust, sorbents, aggregates for concrete, road building industry, for mortars (limestone, basalt, sandstone).