The Group Procurement Department

The Group Procurement Department of CRH Materials Polska Sp. z o.o. is responsible for purchasing fuels, raw materials and services for the companies which form part of the CRH Group in Poland.

Our standards

We see to it that the procurement process takes place in keeping with the high standards of our Group, the suppliers we cooperate with are obliged to obey the rules set out in the CRH Suppliers Code and to act in accordance with the principles laid down in our Code of Business Conduct.

If you want to start cooperating with us, we would encourage you to submit your proposals concerning the provision of services, materials, fuels or raw materials to the companies which form part of our Group.

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Please send your proposals of cooperation to the following e-mail address:

Please include your contact details with your proposal. We shall only take into account proposals submitted by counterparties which have read the accompanying Suppliers Code and which have confirmed doing so by means of a signed representation which constitutes Appendix III to the Code. Please send a signed appendix together with your proposal. We shall analyse each proposition, and should any needs arise in a given area, we shall contact the persons specified in the proposal directly.

Code of Business Conduct

CRH Supplier Code of Conduct